Title Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
Categories Talent
Salary Internship
Location Los Angeles, CA
Job Information

We are doing a state wide search for rap music artists who are looking for promotion and exposure by performing at the clubs, events, & parties of one of Southern California’s top marketing & promotion teams, Luxurious Entertainment.


1.) Must have hot new music.
2.) Must be respectful of the venue performing in
3.) Some performance experience

Please follow the steps below and you will be contacted afterwards to set up an interview:

Complete your online resume with as much information as possible.

(a) Where it says “OTHER LINKS”, make sure to post links to your music (youtube, soundcloud, etc.)
(b) Where it says “EXPERIENCE”, make sure to highlight your performance background (clubs, showcases, talent shows, tours, etc.)
(c) In 3 to 4 sentences explain why you think you’re a good fit for the job.

Click “APPLY NOW” below, and
You may also attach your picture of yourself and your professional CV/resume/portfolio if you have one.

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